Meet Alex Fetner, DMD

Alex Fetner 2My name is Alex Fetner and I want to be your dentist!  I absolutely love the profession and the variety and it gives me each and every day.

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and went to the University of Florida (Go Gators!) for both undergrad and dental school.  My parents are both periodontists, a dental specialty focused on using preventative techniques to preserve natural teeth and replacing them with dental implants only when absolutely necessary.  Their influence and my education strongly impact the way I practice dentistry and my focus on prevention.  I aggressively target the causes of dental disease while using restraint and conservative approaches whenever possible to avoid unnecessary and potentially costly treatment.

The most common question I hear from my patients is, “Why the heck did you come to Chicago from Florida?”  To me, it was a no-brainer:  I love eating out, socializing, and exploring the city and all it has to offer.  I live in Bucktown and love feel of the neighborhood.  I also love cooking, traveling (who doesn’t), Indie music, watching and playing sports, and ping pong.  I also love running short distances and plan on torturing myself this October when I run my first and only marathon.  When I’m alone you can probably find me reading on my Kindle or iPhone so don’t forget to give me your book recommendations.

I’m not always just reading for fun.  I try to constantly educate myself in new dental techniques, materials, and equipment.  I have been lucky enough to attend continuing education meetings in Sweden, Austria, and Spain in addition to meetings in much less exotic locales, like McCormick Place.  I am Invisalign certified so let me know if you’re interested in clear braces.

One of my motivations is helping patients that are anxious or nervous about getting treatment.  Many of you have had negative dental experiences and I’ll do anything I can to help you forget them (please forgive me in advance for a well-timed cheesy joke!). I work hard to give my patients the personal time they need to truly understand any needed treatment and answer any questions they have.  I look forward to meeting you!

After Your Procedure

  • Post-Surgery
  • Cosmetic Reconstruction
  • Fillings
  • Teeth Whitening
POST TREATMENT INFORMATION: DENTAL SURGERY BLEEDING - Bite on a gauze pad for 45 minutes then discard. If bleeding continues, fold gauze tightly, place over bleeding area and maintain firm biting of finger pressure for 30 minutes. A tea bag, wet or dry is an excellent substitute for a gauze pack. Avoid frequent pack changes; rinsing or physical exertion until bleeding has ceased. DO NOT RINSE your mouth today. DO NOT use straws for drinking. Tomorrow, Read More
Remember that it will take time to adjust to the feel of your new bite. When the bite is altered or the position of the teeth is changed it takes several days for the brain to recognize the new position of your teeth or their thickness. If you continue to detect any high spots or problems with your bite, call our office so we can schedule an adjustment appointment.    It is normal to experience Read More
You have just had a new filling. This is what you may feel: • Hot Sensitivity that may last a few days • Cold sensitivity that may last up to 8 weeks, but gradually decreasing in pain during that time period. • Sensitivity to chewing that may last up to 8 weeks, but gradually decreasing in pain during that time period. • After the numbing wears off, you may feel you are not biting correctly. Please call so your Read More
1. Prior to Treatment: Brush and floss your teeth just prior to placing bleaching tray(s). Using sensitive toothpaste for 2 weeks prior to beginning whitening is highly recommended. The whitening gel is the most effective with clean teeth. Try the trays in first without any beach to check the fit and comfort. Make sure that the bleaching trays are clean and dry before applying the whitening gel. Moisture reduces the efficiency of the whitening gel Read More